The School

Escuela Superior de Hostelería Sevilla

ESHS is a high education centre on the fields of hospitality and tourism with an unnegotiable goal: to achieve excellence and to train the future leaders of the sector. A business school founded in 1993 and a vital part of the prestigious Grupo Lezama

It is considered one of the best schools in the world as credited by the 3 awards granted by EURHODIP, the entity that conglomerates the main schools and universities of the sector. It has been chosen as “The Best European School of the Year” in 2000, 2005 and 2017; it also counts with the “Iberian-American award to the educative excellence” given by the Consejo Iberoamericano de Universidades and it also was appointed as headquarters of AHEOS (Spanish Association of Hospitality Schools)

About Us

The school´s vocation of service is one of the trademarks of D. Luis de Lezama, president and founder of Grupo Lezama and the school itself. An educative institution which was born out of the rising demand of qualified professionals for this sector that is, without a doubt, one of the engines of the Spanish and Andalusian economies.

This way, the school started its way in order to achieve an ambitious goal: to train those who were called to be the managers and directors of restaurants and hotels. Those people must perform as it is expected of them and with effort and daily hard work, they must keep overcoming every challenge that may appear. The number kept growing and now there are over 4500 former students. With all of them we bet on a comprehensive training along with the philosophy of “Learning by Doing”.

One of the most important milestones the school has reached has been the collaboration with university Pablo Olavide and our remarkable work on the field of innovation.

Escuela Superior de Hostelería de Sevilla

Where are we?

We have the great fortune of being an active part in the life of one of the most extraordinary cities there are. Seville, with its own style, advances through the 21st century offering its openness, modernity and internationalisation to the world.

Its historical heritage, its idiosyncrasy and its people make Seville deserving of the recognition as the best city to visit in 2018.

Taberna del Alabardero

One of the core themes of this school is “Learning by doing”, a practice that we carry out from day one, with a type of training completely imbued with the real hospitality labor world. And we exercise these practices with the level of demand that being a part of Grupo Lezama implies. Grupo Lezama is a renowned corporation with top level establishments in Spain and the U.S among which there are some of the best hotels, restaurants, caterings or convention centers.

Our students, specifically, receive training on the fields of cuisine, restaurant service and many management areas (commercial, F&B, event organization, purchases department…) Within the headquarters of Taberna del Alabardero Sevilla, a palace-house from the 19th Century on the historic center of Seville, which hosts a boutique hotel, a gastronomic restaurant and a bistro equipped with the latest kitchen technology, the nest for the new gastronomic talents “Alabardero LAB”, classrooms and meeting rooms. These facilities are completed with the catering department that offers high level services to businesses and social events, as well as the Hacienda San Juan de Hornillo, 15 minutes away from Seville, where some of the most exclusive professional or familiar events in Andalusia take place.

The theoretical education that the students receive is complemented by the practical training because there are many subjects that require the day to day contact with a real hospitality business routine. In Taberna del Alabardero, the students face a real working environment carrying all of the responsibility that this implies, but also being surrounded and supported by their own teachers which will evaluate their advancements and that will analyze their reaction capacities.



For our experience

ESHS has been leading the education on the hospitality sector in Andalusia since 1993. 25 years being a reference in Spain and Europe.


For our methodology

We are still loyal to the philosophy of “learning by doing” which allows students to get in touch with the real business world from day one. We make sure they acquire all the necessary abilities for their labral immersion.

alto índice de inserción laboral

For the high levels of employability

Our excellent partnerships with many of the best hotel and restaurant chains worldwide open a great deal of job opportunities for our students. These companies value our teaching philosophy and trust our drive to properly train the future professionals of the sector. That is why the levels of employability of our students is so remarkably high.


For our facilities

The school is situated in La Cartuja, the most thriving area for technological and academic development. We count with a singular building with more than 2000m2 situated by the Guadalquivir River´s bank. With its avant-garde design, what highlights our facilities is its workshop-kitchen, the tasting room, the language rooms, the innovation laboratory or the study room among others

sistema de prácticas

For our internship program

As we understand it, the best system to achieve the appropriate level of preparation of our students is the combination of theoretical and practical training. That is why we work on a real context, verifying the advancements made on the training and offering our experience on the management of work practices.

acuerdos con la Central Washington University

For our partnership with the Central Washington University

The possibility of studying part of the grade on the Central Washington University and obtaining an official international certificate, gives our students incomparable academic prestige also reinforcing the daily use of English.

tres veces “Mejor Escuela de Europa”

For being 3 times “Best European School of the Year”

EURHODIP, the institution that conglomerates the main hospitality and tourism schools and universities in Europe, recognised our hard work by granting us the title of best European school of hospitality of the years 2000, 2005 and 2017.

carácter de Escuela de Negocios

For being a business natured school

The evolution of the labour market makes ESHS strengthen its business school character every year preparing and training students in high management of hospitality and tourism businesses.


For our qualifications

The quality of our training programs is granted by the nationally and internationally recognised university Pablo Olavide, one of the most important universities in Spain. They validate the academic quality of our programs by collaborating with us on the Master and university expert degrees. In addition to this, the professionals of the hospitality sector through FEHR, recognises the qualification of our graduates and their specialisation certifying our grades.

parte del Grupo Lezama

For being a part of Grupo Lezama

In ESHS we are proud to be a part of one of the most representative hospitality groups in Spain. The Grupo Lezama was founded in 1974 and right now it counts with important restaurants in Spain and the US along with many hospitality schools of the higher level in Seville, Zaragoza and Mexico D.F. It also possesses two national gastronomy awards.

Teaching Staff

Credited teachers and remarkable professionals of the hospitality and tourism sector form our teaching staff. This way our students receive a practical and up to date training matching the demands of the sector.

Javier Aguiar Fontán

Javier Aguiar Fontán

Responsible of the restaurant services area of the ESHS. Graduated in Hospitality and Tourism by the CSHG.

Alberto Blanca Retamero

Alberto Blanca Retamero

Professor in the hotel management area. Graduated in Touristic Businesses and Activities by ESIC Business AND Management School. Director of Hotel Silken Al-Andalus Palace, Seville.

Antonio Borrego Olmedo

Antonio Borrego Olmedo

Coordinator of the business administration area. Economist. Expert in Cost Control and management of touristic businesses.

Javier García Pereda

Javier García Pereda

Responsable del área de Nutrición y Tecnología de los Alimentos. Director del dep. de I+D+i de la ESHS. Grado en Nutrición por la UCAM; Ldo. en Ciencia y Tecnología de los Alimentos por la Universidad de Córdoba.

Jesús Cambra Fierro

Jesús Cambra Fierro

Academic Director of the university programs in ESHS. Doctor in marketing and market investigation by Universidad de Zaragoza. Full Professor on the business organisation and marketing in Universidad Pablo de Olavide. Dean of the business faculty in UPO.

Juan Cartaya Baños

Juan Cartaya Baños

Professor of History of Gastronomy and Tourism politics and economy on ESHS. Historian. Doctor in modern history by Universidad de Sevilla.

Laura Gómez Ruiz

Laura Gómez Ruiz

Professor in the business administration area. Doctor in business sciences. Accounting professor on the business sciences faculty in Universidad Pablo de Olavide.

David Hernández Sanjuán

David Hernández Sanjuán

Professor on the area of business administration. Lawyer, expert on tourism law. Professor in the confederation of entepreneurs of Andalusia and the ministry of labor of Junta de Andalucía.

Mark Thomson

Coordinador del área de idiomas (CLIC-Ih). Higher National Diploma in Hospitality Management and Tourism; Leeds Metropolitan University. Ex Director de Hotel.

Inmaculada López Sola

Inmaculada López Sola

Professor on the business administration area, imparts professional comunication and development. Licensed in psychology by Universidad de Sevilla. Consultant in Human Resources and leadership.

Fermín López Viñuales

Fermín López Viñuales

Head Chef of ESHS and coordinator of the gastronomy and cuisine area. Professor on the kitchen technology area.

Miguel Ángel Prieto Juarez

Miguel Ángel Prieto Juarez

Jefe de Cocina de la ESHS en Taberna del Alabardero Sevilla. Profesor del área de Tecnología de Cocina y Gastronomía. Diplomado Superior en Cocina y Master en Dirección y Administración de Empresas Hosteleras por la ESHS.

Edmundo Hernández Francés

Professor on the hotel management area. Graduate in hotel Management by ESHS, Master in hospitality business management. Director of Taberna del Alabardero de Sevilla.

Fernando Leyva Espadafor

Professor on the pastry technology area, work practices monitor. Graduate on patisserie and confectionery by ESHS.

Antonio Suarez Hidalgo

Antonio Suárez Hidalgo

Profesor del área de Tecnología de Servicios de Restauración. Monitor de prácticas. Sumiller, responsable del área de Enología y Cata de la ESHS – Taberna del Alabardero. Diplomado Superior en Hostelería y Turismo

Irina Naranjo Fernández

Responsible of quality and academic coordination of the ESHS. Master in management and administration of hospitality businesses; Licensed in Law by Universidad de Sevilla.

Armando Fdez-Arámburu Vázquez

Armando Fernández-Aramburu Vázquez

Técnico informático, experto en TIC y sistemas aplicados a la gestión hostelera. Profesor de nuevas tecnologías aplicadas y en tecnologías de la información en la ESHS.

José Molina Jódar

Professor on the pastry technology area, work practices monitor. Superior technician in patisserie and confectionery.

Ismael Macías

Diplomado Técnico en Servicios de Restauración y Sumillería. Profesor del área de Servicios de Restauración de la ESHS – Taberna del Alabardero.

Javier Velázquez Fernández

Postgrado en Gestión de A+B por la ESHS.  Director de Operaciones de Taberna del Alabardero Sevilla. Master en Dirección de Restauración y F&B Hotelero; Máster en Recursos Humanos y Organización, ESIC.

Profesores Colaboradores

Jaime Aranda

Profesor del área de Marketing e Innovación. COworking en innovacion, startups, educación y turismo. Co fundador de workINcompany.

Tomás Cabello 

Professor in the business administration. Licensed in Market investigations and techniques by Universidad de Sevilla. Professor appointed to the marketing and business administration department in Universidad de Sevilla.

Alvaro López Cabrales

Professor on the business administration area, imparts the subject of Human resources managment. Doctor in business management. Strategic human resources management ofUniversidad Pablo de Olavide.

Javier Moreno Castro

Professor on the food security and hygiene area. Technician on security, nutrition and environmental health coordination of the Andalusian health service.

Carlos Mitchel

Profesor del área de Cocina. Diplomado Superior en Cocina y Gastronomía ESHS

Mª Eugenia López

Profesora experta en RSC. Consultora hostelera. Doctora en Economía por la Universidad de Sevilla.

Carmelo López

Profesor del Área de Marketing y Eventos. Consultor Hotelero. Ex director de Hotel.

Leopoldo Nuñez Esquivel

Head chef of Taberna del Alabardero. Professor on the gastronomy and cuisine technology. Graduated in cuisine by ESHS.

Miguel Pérez Ávila

Profesor del área de Tecnología de Cocina, monitor de prácticas. Diplomado Superior en Cocina.

Toni Piña Florit

Profesor colaborador del área de Tecnología de Cocina. Técnico Especialista en Hostelería y Turismo, especialidad Cocina. Experto micólogo. Director del departamento de Hostelería del CAIB – Universidad de Illes Balears.

Juan Carlos Real Fernández

Profesor del área de Administración de Empresas. Doctor en Dirección de Empresas por la Universidad de Sevilla. Profesor del departamento de Organización de Empresas y Marketing de la Universidad Pablo de Olavide.

Ana María Robles Rodríguez

Profesora del área de Dirección Hotelera. Directora de Alojamiento en Hotel Silken Al-Andalus Palace. Lda. en Filología inglesa por la Universidad de Sevilla. Postgrado en Dirección de alimentos y bebidas por la ESAH y Doble Master en Dirección de Empresas Online y Marketing digital.

Juan José Ruiz Álvarez

Profesor colaborador del área de Tecnología de Cocina, experto en Innovación Culinaria. Diplomado Superior en Cocina y Gastronomía por la ESHS. Propietario y jefe de cocina de La Salmoreteca.

André Salla

Profesor del área de tecnología de servicios de restauración, enología y sumillería. Sommelier. Consultor experto en enología y cata.

Jean-Michel Servent

Profesor colaborador del área de Tecnología de Pastelería, experto en repostería francesa. Técnico Superior en Pastelería / Repostería.

David Serrano Gutiérrez

Profesor del área de Administración de Empresas. Experto en Marketing 2.0 y en Comunicación. Teat y Ldo. en CC. Económicas por la Universidad de Sevilla. Gerente de Es.Cultura Programas Singulares.

Rosario Vázquez Carrasco

Profesora del área de Administración de Empresas. Doctora en Administración y Dirección de Empresas por la Universidad de Sevilla. Licenciada en Economía y en Investigación y Técnicas de Mercado por la Universidad de Sevilla. Profesora de Marketing del Departamento de Dirección de Empresas de la Universidad Pablo de Olavide.